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The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters!
Follow along with the crew as they lead you on 7 exciting expedition series - Breaking Trail, Blue Wilderness, Beyond the Tide, Beyond Dinosaurs, Dragon Tails, Base Camp and On Location - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tiger Sharks! Every single episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

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Jakob Öström
Jakob Öström - 
Memeguy tom
Memeguy tom - 2 minutter siden
Jokes on you i tried stepping on lego without screaming like hell
zaxcha - 2 minutter siden
10:00 i cant
Filthier Frank
Filthier Frank - 3 minutter siden
You look like James Charles
74Marwin - 4 minutter siden
Can you make a video about Ferrets?
Reshma Maharaj
Reshma Maharaj - 4 minutter siden
Lia Chen
Lia Chen - 4 minutter siden
5:51 what are you looking at
Jonah Zuelch
Jonah Zuelch - 5 minutter siden
Marta Toria
Marta Toria - 5 minutter siden
So coool
Kitty & Jan playz :c
Kitty & Jan playz :c - 7 minutter siden
Fer de Lance: Why do you have to be Here ;-;
Jonah Zuelch
Jonah Zuelch - 7 minutter siden
He’s so insane do not get corona virus
Swordfishparta - 7 minutter siden
Imagine is that frog turns into a prince
Paige Lillan
Paige Lillan - 8 minutter siden
Don’t do it 😔😔😔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️🙇🏼‍♀️
Cain ‘n Hav Fam
Cain ‘n Hav Fam - 8 minutter siden
aaaaaaaaaa so cute
HsiaoWei Suet
HsiaoWei Suet - 9 minutter siden
Michael Feldner
Michael Feldner - 10 minutter siden
This was a perfect video to have pup on p.s how is she?
Angie Parker
Angie Parker - 10 minutter siden
Am I the only kid that watches this channel
Joey DR14
Joey DR14 - 10 minutter siden
Ha pretty sure the uk has no fire flys Can’t make one 😢
Angie Parker
Angie Parker - 14 minutter siden
I love the little skit at the end of you with the worms
lma o
lma o - 15 minutter siden
6:50 chaos begins 7:07 chaos ends
Luna Animations
Luna Animations - 15 minutter siden
JIMMY NO! I named that one jimmy.
FritzoRocker - 16 minutter siden
How are you gonna use your last bit of water and a few hours in the desert just to hold a lizard for 30 secs( Even though learning about them was cool)
Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor - 17 minutter siden
I love catching fireflies with my friend in her backyard.
MNRS E.B. - 17 minutter siden
What happened man u used to jump on crocodiles and wrestle pythons n stuff now youre making lanterns out of bugs go catch a bear or something coyote
Cain ‘n Hav Fam
Cain ‘n Hav Fam - 18 minutter siden
hi pup
Priscilla Leahy
Priscilla Leahy - 18 minutter siden
Please give your bugs a TINY breathing hole they can't escape from 👍
katniss duran
katniss duran - 20 minutter siden
dein dgres❌😎
Faizeh Foumashi
Faizeh Foumashi - 21 minutt siden
My name is Morgan. Try to make a Sidney follow up spy.
Archy - 21 minutt siden
he looks adorable ngl, but when you see its spikes....
Soniya Deshpande
Soniya Deshpande - 22 minutter siden
Have you been to India
Tripti Arya
Tripti Arya - 22 minutter siden
isn't that too many lightning bugs for one jar???
150,000 likes without video Challenge
150,000 likes without video Challenge - 22 minutter siden
Me:did coyote say the s word when he tried to get the bull frog
carlo maranan
carlo maranan - 22 minutter siden
here in the philippines??? they make a wallet out of that frog
HANIEL Simon - 23 minutter siden
RÂGE - 23 minutter siden
Coyote get head ate off by shark Cameraman:what are you feeling
Ranzia Sheji
Ranzia Sheji - 24 minutter siden
I also have birds in my backyard
Ranzia Sheji
Ranzia Sheji - 24 minutter siden
I have rats, salamanders, lizards, flies and spiders in my backyard
J M - 25 minutter siden
If you are in grizzly country ALWAYS carry your bear spray in your hand, ready to spray if need be. Pay attention to the direction of the wind if it is blowing.
Fabiola Chacon
Fabiola Chacon - 25 minutter siden
I live in Costa Rica and got stung by an ant while I was walking my dog it still hurts after two days hahaha 😅 and got some allergy on it so its not that fun welcome to CR
joseph Catacutan
joseph Catacutan - 26 minutter siden
Coyote petorson: ooh i got a snake!!! Snake: no dont catch me!!! Im gonna poo!!! Coyote peterson: i got the snake!!!! Snake: oops. Too late i poopoo already😝 Coyote peterson: ewww🤢🤮 Snake: told you😹🤣
son of god bx
son of god bx - 26 minutter siden
My question is how do u get in the big forest and get out
Alfred Ang
Alfred Ang - 27 minutter siden
I love every single one
Neil Webb
Neil Webb - 29 minutter siden
me: t rex is definatley not king many preditors where much bigger including the spino and giga evryone else: chill out wierdo
Alfred Ang
Alfred Ang - 29 minutter siden
I love the otter
Faizeh Foumashi
Faizeh Foumashi - 30 minutter siden
Alfred Ang
Alfred Ang - 30 minutter siden
I love the fox to
Peter Johannes JR
Peter Johannes JR - 30 minutter siden
This will help with so much light
ItzNightTime_ Blood
ItzNightTime_ Blood - 32 minutter siden
me when 5 when watching youtube cheetahs:OooOh MoMA IS ThAt A CRyInG KitTy??? Cheetah in Vid: Am I A Joke To You? LOL JUST A JOKE
linzi plant
linzi plant - 32 minutter siden
I love frogs we made a pond for them and caught one when I was catching grasshoppers😎😍🥰😘
Dominick Nava
Dominick Nava - 32 minutter siden
Coyote: So good this Juice Mexican: What are you doing with those tunas homie!!?
Alfred Ang
Alfred Ang - 33 minutter siden
I love bud
Ardee Yap
Ardee Yap - 33 minutter siden
how i used the catch them is when they flash i put my hand in where they are sometimes i get a lot most of the time i get a few
traitor - 33 minutter siden
Red List
Tom - 34 minutter siden
I finally found my spirit animal
Alfred Ang
Alfred Ang - 35 minutter siden
I don't know how are you not dead
GameClipz - 35 minutter siden
They are going endangered so i dont catch them anymore
RavindraShettar - 36 minutter siden
I am in India soooooo what should I do 😂😂😂
Rex roblox Gaming
Rex roblox Gaming - 36 minutter siden
My friend bought a real Megalodon tooth for like $15.000
DeathK - 36 minutter siden
No footage of the lantern in use.... Fail, lol
King Nica
King Nica - 37 minutter siden
Your videos are awesome bro.
Benjamin Jackson
Benjamin Jackson - 38 minutter siden
coyote they are fireflies and the scientific name for them is brighticas butticas
Judith Huling-Cadieux
Judith Huling-Cadieux - 38 minutter siden
I just was stung yesterday while caring for my ducks. The pain hits you fast, by the time I got in. I could barely put weight on my foot. I was wearing cross, and it stung my baby toe. The pain was as bad as when I had a complete fracture of my foot. The pain built up to the point all I could do was cry. It was hell ....I've lived in Florida for 31 years, and this was a first. Terrible!!
Adam Faulkner
Adam Faulkner - 38 minutter siden
Those baby sloths are SUPER cute!!! 🦥
Logan Steiman
Logan Steiman - 38 minutter siden
xXLilPJayXx - 39 minutter siden
I Use to always Have these in My Backyard at my Old House 😂
Ilana - 39 minutter siden
The way he ran when he saw that crab was like a child that saw a candy xD
linzi plant
linzi plant - 40 minutter siden
I love the color❤🧡💛💚🤍💗💓💖💕❣💟💌💞💞💞
Shalini - 41 minutt siden
what about corona virus?
linzi plant
linzi plant - 41 minutt siden
omg DANGEROUS😯😱😰😨😲
Zebra man 124 Go check out my other
Zebra man 124 Go check out my other - 41 minutt siden
Thanks Cody so much for showing me how to make this I really wanted to catch on because I’m always bored
THE RAUNAK GAMING Y.T. - 42 minutter siden
Love from India❤❤❤❤
Pidugucharan Pidugu charan
Pidugucharan Pidugu charan - 46 minutter siden
super video ofsnakes and venomous with blood I likeit
PewPewCat - 51 minutt siden
Hm. Kinda just want to go to florida to catch some free reptiles...
christy Merilus
christy Merilus - 54 minutter siden
It hurted right
Esther van der zanden
Esther van der zanden - 55 minutter siden
Its zo in chralebol
MegaSpotman - 57 minutter siden
3:07 very good point. I’m afraid of butterflies and moths but its hard to get over
Chan Ashley
Chan Ashley - 57 minutter siden
That is so cool
linzi plant
linzi plant - Time siden
I catch grass hoppers😛😋😀😁 PS: One died yesterday😪😫
Technical Doge
Technical Doge - Time siden
The things coyote does for us- u gotta love it
linzi plant
linzi plant - Time siden
I love how pretty they are
Juris Prudence
Juris Prudence - Time siden
God is on this guys side
J - Time siden
Cool, video! I feel a lot better about leeches now, even the blood sucking kind. Haha
Poloc Santos
Poloc Santos - Time siden
Why You Didnt Bring A Sponge?
Trisha J
Trisha J - Time siden
And his cure to go with him bye them
Seo mmer
Seo mmer - Time siden
Nail goals💅🏻
yu jie
yu jie - Time siden
He is a brave man that don't scare of animal ⬇️👑
Isaiah Gates
Isaiah Gates - Time siden
Funny thing I live in Akron Ohio
Helly Candy
Helly Candy - Time siden
Damn, I bought two of these as pets when I was living in China :0
Mary Mccullock
Mary Mccullock - Time siden
Isaiah Gates
Isaiah Gates - Time siden
Coyote are you still in Columbus Ohio
A Ro
A Ro - Time siden
"This is the last sting I do." Some time later: "STUNG BY A VELVET ANT!!!"
Ori Karin
Ori Karin - Time siden
3:43 i thought this is coyote meat:)
Paige Lillan
Paige Lillan - Time siden
There’s a NOburn are family and they have a dog named Carol
Storm Trooper
Storm Trooper - Time siden
Next time:human body V.S venom Just a koke!;)
Kimhun Choeng
Kimhun Choeng - Time siden
i hade a turtle it was the best turtle out of the rest of my turtles but it sadly died. :C
IcyFlame - Time siden
Wish we had fireflies in the netherlands