Human Blood vs. Snake Venom!

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On this episode, get ready for PART TWO of our epic Venom vs. Blood adventure! Coyote and the crew are in DeLand, Florida at the Reptile Discovery Center, and after they've assisted with snake milking, Coyote is ready.. to mix his blood with SNAKE VENOM! What will happen when Coyote combines his own BLOOD with snake VENOM?! Watch now to find out!
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Runtime: 18:32


SERGHOST PH - 3 timer siden
his gonna be the last man alive
Shiloh :D
Shiloh :D - 3 timer siden
Me: *noticing he’s not wearing gloves*
My anxiety: 📈
colinisdaddy 1
colinisdaddy 1 - 4 timer siden
lmao im 15 and i laugh when i get my blood draw.
Wolfe gacha Cakes! :3
Wolfe gacha Cakes! :3 - 4 timer siden
Stop! This is bad for you’re health! Or you will die quickly maybe if I’m right
qlg giorgos skon Χατζημαυριδιυ
Cj Sentina
Cj Sentina - 4 timer siden
Who would win?
A grown man that has survived dangerous and poisounus bites from the most dangerous animals
One needle boi
Addy Garcia
Addy Garcia - 4 timer siden
I'm so scared right now I found a water moccasin in my yard yesterday and don't know where it went
Mega Gamer
Mega Gamer - 5 timer siden
I am not really sure that is safe u might die like u might be dead like REALLY DEAD
Dax Bertumen
Dax Bertumen - 5 timer siden
dealing with venom without gloves.. lol
Syarafana Reslan
Syarafana Reslan - 5 timer siden
This is kinda weird to watch because I just took a blood test this morning 😐
•《Crazy People》•
•《Crazy People》• - 5 timer siden
Anna Powell
Anna Powell - 5 timer siden
I can't tell if he's really tough or just a little girl in man's clothing.
Galaxy _B01
Galaxy _B01 - 5 timer siden
CEO of The Naked Eye
yahzulatfi Shareat
yahzulatfi Shareat - 5 timer siden
yahzulatfi Shareat
yahzulatfi Shareat - 5 timer siden
Miles Theunissen
Miles Theunissen - 5 timer siden
Bruh he gets poked once and gets 6 viles of blood. I get poker 4 times and get like 1 vile of blood
hideyoshi nagachika
hideyoshi nagachika - 5 timer siden
How did I get there
william fliger
william fliger - 5 timer siden
Is this like drugs to him
Tariq Hameed
Tariq Hameed - 5 timer siden
Hats off for you my guy,,,,love you man...
Pyscho GAMERS - 6 timer siden
Reminds me of Goku.
Rosalie Aguilar
Rosalie Aguilar - 6 timer siden
Thumbs up 👍🏻 if you weren’t so much comfortable
Rosalie Aguilar
Rosalie Aguilar - 6 timer siden
I wast comfortable
Maxwell Fountaine
Maxwell Fountaine - 6 timer siden
I love u so much ur vids make me feel like I should go outside 24/7 and I do! Thx so much for making me happy and making me explore more!
NovaGod101 - 6 timer siden
Coyote: oh a railgun about to shoot me, whatever. :/
Tabby Clark
Tabby Clark - 6 timer siden
Me oh look a needle coyote arrrhahhhhabduehdurbdudb!!!!!
Kodon - 6 timer siden
I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the prick zone with a needle
matthew foster
matthew foster - 7 timer siden
But why tho
I Miss Juice Wrld
I Miss Juice Wrld - 7 timer siden
Respect. I couldn’t do this.
merlinda arispe
merlinda arispe - 7 timer siden
he can do anything but except for the needles
Aurora Hetrick
Aurora Hetrick - 7 timer siden
*what I’m wondering is how he gets stung and bitten by all of those bugs, and yet he’s afraid of needles ._.*
godzilla90fan - 7 timer siden
Coyote, for a true test you should of used someone elses blood. You have GOT to have some weird super blood by now from all those bites :p
The Three Crusaders
The Three Crusaders - 7 timer siden
Strangles snakes. Killer bees .NO PROBLEM. See an needle ahhhh
JandJ Vlogs
JandJ Vlogs - 8 timer siden
I have to have needles until I’m 18 witch sucks
noobedwars - 8 timer siden
JJ Alfonso
JJ Alfonso - 8 timer siden
Coyote scared of needles but also he’s gotten bitten and stong a lot and doesn’t get that scared I’m a 12 year old kid and I’m not afraid of any needles not even the big needles cause I’m a diabetic with type 1 so I’m used to them I got it when I was 1 and I’m 12 so I’ve had it for 11 years
Kimbly Hardin
Kimbly Hardin - 9 timer siden
Hey he’s cool
Michelle JAMBISCO - 9 timer siden
Why did u do this bruh u could be chilling at home bruh really
Danial Khan
Danial Khan - 9 timer siden
99% of comments are talking about coyote being afraid of needle but no one is talking about how much blood was taken out from his body 🤦‍♂️
Accentoss 第二
Accentoss 第二 - 9 timer siden
i feel your pain
Casey Flentye
Casey Flentye - 9 timer siden
9:55 if you just want to see blood vs. venom
Casey Flentye
Casey Flentye - 9 timer siden
So they just keep snakes in tiny boxes year round as prisoners? Wtf.
Casey Flentye
Casey Flentye - 9 timer siden
Dude gets bit by everything and freaks over his own blood? What?!
Joseph Angiuoni
Joseph Angiuoni - 10 timer siden
He can take a bullet ant but not a needle
Tugboat The Flat Gamer
Tugboat The Flat Gamer - 10 timer siden
He looks like if keemstar wasn’t a gnome.
My_Petrol_Romance - 10 timer siden
So drawing blood is where you get nauseous...🤔😒
Rexzilla - 10 timer siden
What sociopath would ask someone to be intentionally bitten by a venomous snake??? I could see maybe a garden snake or something harmless but yall are crazy for asking this man to get bitten by venomous snakes.
Ally Murray
Ally Murray - 10 timer siden
Don’t worry I’m scared of needles, too.!
James Bond
James Bond - 10 timer siden
Coyote would look like Johnny Sins without the beard
Arizona Rebel
Arizona Rebel - 10 timer siden
If you get bit shock your bite wound with some sort of electrical current not a deadly amount but enough that will neutralize the venom it works
Jesse Z
Jesse Z - 11 timer siden
PCJ Crimmins
PCJ Crimmins - 11 timer siden
Is he trying to die or is it just me
Pål Opsahl Eriksen
Pål Opsahl Eriksen - 11 timer siden
I’m sorry, but you just lost some man points.
Skooma - 11 timer siden
Then there's another vile.... and it's blood that only comes from wamen with tons of clots 👀
Minoska Munoz
Minoska Munoz - 12 timer siden
me oh look a needles
coyote ahhhhhh get that thing away from meee ah mommy
Minoska Munoz
Minoska Munoz - 12 timer siden
really that one thing that you are scared of is NEEDLES
Hadley Unicorn
Hadley Unicorn - 12 timer siden
Trust me on this one Oh most bitten by a snake twice
riva murray
riva murray - 12 timer siden
He is the most ballzyits man I know
Troy Don
Troy Don - 12 timer siden
I had to do this . Yes it’s painful but I got used to it
DaDogDefender Or {Destroyer—Gaming}
Getting stabbed by a needle is like someone is like getting stabbed by a very sharp thin knife
Reynahicdyxcjvhfjhm Reyes
Reynahicdyxcjvhfjhm Reyes - 12 timer siden
What are you doing why are you why are you doing this
Tiffany Xo - Xci
Tiffany Xo - Xci - 12 timer siden
He's got glassed on but no
Crushed Diamonds
Crushed Diamonds - 12 timer siden
The blood got darker the more poisonous it got
James Hong
James Hong - 13 timer siden
They should untie the tourniquet as soon as the skin was pierced
Big fan of Krm
Big fan of Krm - 13 timer siden
Coyote:al most dies by animals
Also coyote: that’s nothing
Coyote:yooooo! Get that kn- kneedle away!
aynjel011 - 13 timer siden
At first i thought Carl was a woman.
B Gill
B Gill - 13 timer siden
Coyote: I got bit by a snapping turtle
Also coyote: oh no needles
Yurid Mendez
Yurid Mendez - 13 timer siden
Omg 😥😥😯😯😯
Oz M.
Oz M. - 14 timer siden
Now I know for sure you over dramatized those bug bites. Drawing blood does not even hurt. You're just a brave wimpy man.
Jakob Smith
Jakob Smith - 14 timer siden
I get poked every six weeks, I literally don’t flinch I watch.
Ruth Waters
Ruth Waters - 14 timer siden
I love needles
But I'm weird
Pamela S
Pamela S - 14 timer siden
Snakes like mom snakes just want too be safe and want too protect there baby’s that’s what I know
nubnub - 14 timer siden
Please do not EVER get bitten by any of those kind of snakes. Stay safe! i luv ur content :D
Pamela S
Pamela S - 14 timer siden
I like king cobras that is my favourite snake.
Flemingo - 15 timer siden
3:55 😂😂 why he lick his lips like that
Jessica Isted
Jessica Isted - 15 timer siden
Do you play roblox
Jessica Isted
Jessica Isted - 15 timer siden
1 Billion psychic
Jessica Isted
Jessica Isted - 15 timer siden
Im to scard
Jessica Isted
Jessica Isted - 15 timer siden
I wold never do that
Rosario Suarez
Rosario Suarez - 15 timer siden
I think you're right?
Vera Garcia
Vera Garcia - 15 timer siden
Me:just Vibeing
The commments:haha he is scared lalalalalalallala
Emerson Luetkenhaus
Emerson Luetkenhaus - 16 timer siden
Coyote......... your the best no doubt.
PugTime01 - 16 timer siden
Hold up did they not sterilize the area before sticking the needle in? Or is that only needed when doing that with donating blood?
Different i am
Different i am - 16 timer siden
I feel like the extraction of the venom into syringes is just a set up for an assassination.